Owncloud 10.0.3 is now available-Possible upgrade from version 8.2 to 10.0.3

The new version of Owncloud 10.0.3 is now available for download. This new version comes with many improvements and bug fixes. The most interesting features is the capability to upgrade from version 8.2.11 to 10.0.3 in a single upgrade process. Its a great news since we can jump to version 10.0.3 from version 8.2.11. If you are new to Owncloud, you may read our previous tutorial to install Owncloud 10.0 on Debian 9

What is Owncloud

Owncloud is a free and open source software that operates a simple and easy way to set up a file sync features. It’s a Dropbox-like cloud storage and file sharing system. You can install Owncloud on your own server or website. It only needs little efforts to install it. It also powerful, stable and rich features. Owncloud is the best Dropbox replacement for me. It’s way cheaper, secure and easy to setup. You can find many Tutorials about to install Owncloud on this website. Do search using search box on the top right of this page if you want to.

owncloud 10.0.3

Owncloud is a free online storage and file sharing service. Its more like Dropbox but we have full access and full control to our service. Owncloud is very easy to install and supports almost any Linux distributions. You may install Owncloud on Arch Linux, Fedora 26, CentOS, Ubuntu and many others. 

What’s new on Owncloud 10.0.3

  • Possible upgrade from version 8.2.11 to version 10.0.3 in a single upgrade process
  • New occ command that can help admin to setting network firewall rule 
  • occ upgrade command is now verbose by default. But this can be adjusted by administrator whenever needed
  • Upgrade and Market app information

Read the complete release note of Owncloud 10.0.3.

Download Owncloud 10.0.3

You can download the latest version of Owncloud 10.0.3 from this link. Install it on your own server or choose the providers that provide Owncloud installation for you. 

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