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Welcome to Debian Tutorial page. There are many articles about Debian on this blog and will post the links on this page so it is easier for you to navigate. Debian is a well known Linux distribution. This could be the oldest Linux distribution. Most people believe that Debian is the most stable Linux distribution. There are many other distributions that use Debian as their base. We dedicate this Debian Tutorial page to all Debian fans, a new user who wants to learn Debian or system administrator. Well, as you know, there are many servers used by corporations in the world use Debian as the hearth of their operating system.

debian tutorial

This page is subject to changes and update. When there are new articles related to Debian, we will put a link to this page. 

Debian Releases

A detailed information about Debian Release can be found on this official webpage. But we will summarize them into the following table.

VersionCode NameRelease date
1.1Buzz17 June 1996
1.2Rex12 December 1996
1.3Bo5 June 1997
2.0Hamm24 July 1998
2.1Slink9 March 1999
2.2Potato14-15 August 2000
3.0Woody19 July 2000
3.1Sarge6 June 2005
4.0Etch8 April 2007
5.0Lenny14 February 2009
6.0Squeeze6 February 2011
7Wheezy4 May 2013
8Jessie25-26 April 2015
9Stretch17 June 2017
10BusterUpcoming Release
11BullseyeUpcoming Release

Debian Tutorial for Desktop

Debian is a great operating system for both Desktop and Server. The following are some tutorials we wrote on this website. 

Debian Tutorial for Server


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