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Hackintosh is an interesting thing that I learned recently. There are so many variations, success stories, failed stories, and so on. There are also many ways to get things done in Hackintosh. Tools and software are changing and updating every time. So, on this page, I will put links to the software or tools that I mostly use to build Hackintoshes. Some of them might be not up to date but it works for some old processors and motherboards. I also will post my EFI folder on this page so you can try it on your hardware.

New Updates !!!

macOS Big Sur on AMD FX

With the new macOS Big Sur, there are a lot of updates have been made to OpenCore boot loader. If you have an AMD FX system you may try this EFI. It runs very well on my AMD FX 8350 and Gigabyte GA-970A-D3P motherboard. This motherboard has Realtek Ethernet. If your board has Intel or another chipset, then you need to add the kexts and re-configure the config.plist.

I am currently preparing the tutorial how to install macOS Big Sur on AMD FX system. You may download and test the EFI from the link below.

Download EFI for AMD FX Big Sur

Please let me know how it works and please post in the comment section below.


It is interesting to run macOS on non-Apple hardware. It needs some knowledge and patience but the result is very satisfying. We can run macOS with all features activated. With the correct hardware and settings, you can even beat the Mac computer at a way lower price.


  • OpenCore Releases – This is the latest version of the OpenCore boot loader. The core of the Hackintosh.
  • GibMacOS – This is the command line tool for creating macOS USB installation drive. It works on Windows 10 as well as macOS. If you need a guide on how to use it, please follow this step.
  • ProperTree – A python application to edit .plist file needed to build the OpenCore boot loader
  • Clover Configurator – Do not confuse with the name. I personally use this software ONLY to mount the EFI partition on my Hackintosh. You will need this software once you have successfully installed Hackintosh.
  • macOS Big Sur Beta Download Utility. This tool will let you download the new macOS Big Sur Beta without a developer account.

AMD FX Hackintosh OpenCore Files

The following files are believed to work with AMD FX Hackintosh. Do not use them for AMD Ryzen or Intel Hackintosh. I will update this page to include AMD Ryzen and maybe Intel Hackintosh. Download these files and put them in the respective folders under OC directory on your USB installation drive.


Drivers (.efi)

Usually, all the needed drivers (.efi) files are already included in the OpenCore release package. But, if for some systems, you will need the following drivers that not in the updated OpenCore releases.


These are the kexts I use for my AMD FX build. You can download all these files from the OpenCore official page. But for my specific build (based on OpenCore 0.5.9, I use these kexts). If you need the more updated ones please download them form that link.

For the complete list of needed Kexts for your build, please go to the Dortania GitHub page below.



The config.plist file should go to the OC folder. You can download my config.plist below. Please note that this is based on OpenCore 0.5.9 and for AMD FX series.


This config file is already patched for AMD Buldozer series such as AMD FX. Again, not for Ryzen.

AMD Ryzen Hackintosh

The following section is for AMD Ryzen build. It is pretty easy to configure OpenCore on Ryzen based PC.

in progress


Apart from those individual files, drivers etc. Below you can download my complete EFI folder.

Hackintosh on Proxmox

In the following section, you can download the materials you need to install macOS on Proxmox. Currently, macOS Big Sur is supported on Proxmox. You may need the following files in order to install macOS Catalina or macOS Big Sur on Proxmox.

Need Help?

You may try to contact me on Discord. Please note that I am not online for 24 hours.

To be continued…