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Thank you for visiting We dedicate this page for Deepin Linux users. We will keep this page updated with tutorial, review, and many other tips and trick about Deepin. I hope this can be a Deepin User Guide for Linux Beginners who want to switch to Linux. Deepin is a beautiful, rich feature and powerful Linux distribution. It is based on Debian Linux which is very stable and has a great community. Deepin Linux is developed by Chinese community but it now has been used by millions of users around the world. It is available in many languages including English, and many other languages. 

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What is Deepin?

Deepin is an open source project that focuses on the Linux operating system. It is built on top of Debian Unstable (previously it based on Ubuntu). Deepin grows rapidly in the last few years. Its native desktop environment (Deepin Desktop Environment) is very attractive, easy to use and also beautiful. If you want to read more about Deepin development history, we suggest you visit this Wiki page

Deepin Releases

At the time when this article is written, Deepin 15.6 is available for download. Before reaching this stable version, there were many versions releases. Deepin first public release was in February 2004. The name was Hiwix 0.1, not Deepin. This Wikipedia page has a detailed releases information from the first to the latest Deepin release. You should check that page. 

Deepin User Guide for Beginners

There are many great Linux tutorials out there but we are trying to specifically provide Deepin tutorials, tips and tricks and many other things related. Please feel free to browse through our Deepin tutorials below. But please note that this is a work in progress. We will update this page periodically.

The Basic

  • Deepin Installation
  • Create Deepin USB Installation
  • Run Deepin in Live Mode
  • Introduction to Deepin Desktop

Deepin Administration

  • Create New User in Deepin

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