Cloud Backup

We create a new page Cloud Backup on this website. We are going to write more about backup software and solution especially Cloud Backup. Today’s data backup is moving toward the Cloud. There are many online backup, cloud storage providers offering some great services for personal and business. 

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What is Cloud Backup?

Cloud Backup or Online Backup is actually work like a traditional backup. In the traditional way, you store the backup on a local hard drives, network shared folder or any other devices. But in term of Online Backup, we put our data on a server in professional data center. Our data is transmitted over the internet during backup process. Seems scary? Not at all. The modern online backup providers uses high standard encryption system for security during data transfer.

Best Cloud Backup Software/Solutions for Personal

There are many cloud backup software or services available out there. Below are the most popular Backup Software you can choose. We will update the list on this page when needed.

CloudBerry Backup

Cloudberry is a cross platform backup software that is considered as the best online backup service. Its a true cloud backup service that does not include bundled storage space. Instead, we can use our existing cloud storage such as Google Drive, Amazon S3, OneDrive, Microsoft Azure and many others. CloudBerry Backup is available for Windows, Mac and also Linux. We are planning to review many Cloudberry products on this blog. Its not a paid ads, but I think Cloudberry has many interesting products. Another great thing is that there are products that support Linux. 

A simple, reliable cloud backup for Windows Desktop. Great to backup regular files and folders to the cloud storage.

  • Cloudberry Backup Linux Edition

Acronis True Image

Acronis is a big name on Backup solution. They offers various products for personal and corporate level. Acronis True Image is a reliable backup software for personal use. It comes with many features you need. You can create full image backup of your system, active disk cloning and ransomware protection with this tool. We will post more about this backup solution in the future, so make sure you subscribe to this blog.

Iperius Backup

Iperius is a complete backup software for Windows. With this tool, you can easily backup your desktop and server to the cloud. It adds support to backup Virtual machines, SQL databases (MySQL, SQL Server, MongoDB). Iperius Backup offers the free version, but the free version lack cloud storage support. 


Cloud Backup is now become an essential parts of computing. Protect your valuable data with a good backup plan. Invest some penny for the backup software. Choose only good software from a well known publisher or developers. So far, we only have these lists but in the future, we will keep this page updated with other great backup software.