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Hello welcome to this Linux Tutorials page. We will post many Tutorials for Linux. We tried to write as best as we can to give you better understanding about Linux and how to use it. You can find Linux Tutorials for Desktop and Server from many different Linux Distributions.

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What is Linux?

Based on Wikipedia, Linux is an operating system built on top of Linux Kernel. The main component of Linux is the Linux Kernel, an operating system that firstly released on September 17, 1991 by Linus Torvalds. Linux was originally built for personal computer with x86 architecture. But nowadays, Linux has been ported to various platforms. Android OS on your smartphone is actually part of Linux project. Linux also the leading operating system on Servers, mainfram computers. Most supercomputers also run Linux as the core operating system. This page answer the question What is Linux in very well manner, worth to read.

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Why Use Linux?

This is probably the question that commonly asked by most people. If we had Windows, which is easy to use and Mac OS X which is eye catching, why should we learn Linux? Well, its a bit difficult to give the best answer because people has their own preferences. But, when it comes to another question, Is your current operating system works just fine ? Or maybe Is your current OS free from viruses, malware attack? Then, Linux come to answer this question.  

Many people do believe that Linux is way secure than Windows or Mac OS X. Linux modern has evolved to one of the most secure and reliable operating system on earth. Also, the new Linux now comes with many nice, beautiful desktop environment which is good for most people. Linux is a lot easier to use compared to few years ago. It’s a great solution for desktop computer.

What is the Best Linux Distribution

There are many factors to define which is the best Linux distribution. Each distribution has its own pros and cons. But based on my own experiences, there are several distros that are stand out compared to the others. For Desktop computer, we would recommend Manjaro (Arch based Linux) and Elementary OS. For Server, Debian, CentOS and Ubuntu server are our favorite. Again, this is our choice. You may have a look at Distrowatch, to see the Linux distribution rank. 

Linux Tutorials

Well, we won’t be able to cover all Linux distributions here since there are hundreds of them. But we have some popular Linux distribution you can find on the website through the following link. Please feels free to pick one of them to get started. 

Bottom Line

Modern Linux has evolved to a more stable and user friendly operating system. The fact that there are hundreds of different distributions often confusing for new Linux users. If you are looking for a stable, secure operating system and you want to be free from any complex pricing and licensing, go for Linux.