How to install Owncloud 10 on Arch Linux 2017

Arch Linux Tutorial – Hello Linux users, today we will show you how to install Owncloud 10 on Arch Linux 2017. Owncloud is a great web appliance for file sharing and file storage service. You will have a Dropbox like service on your own server. The latest version of Owncloud 10.0.2 is now available on the official website. To install Owncloud server on Arch Linux, there are several things we need to do first. In this tutorial, I am using LAMP Server (Apache web server) as the back end.

Steps to install Owncloud 10 on Arch Linux 2017

Step 1. Install LAMP Server

First, we need to install LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL and PHP) on Arch Linux. I have created a complete tutorial to install LAMP Server on Arch Linux. There are few things we need to setup after installing LAMP using that linked tutorial.

Edit the PHP config file

Then, find and uncomment the following lines

Install PHP modules

We also need to install several php modules needed by Owncloud

Restart Apache afterward

Step 2. Create new MySQL/MariaDB database and user for Owncloud

Login to MySQL as root and create new database and user. See my example below. You can modify its database name, user and password as you like.

Step 3. Download and extract Owncloud 10

Download Owncloud

Extract Owncloud

Change permission

Move Owncloud

Step 4. Configure Owncloud via web browser

Open web browser and type the Arch Linux IP address


Now we need to create Admin user. Enter the MySQL/MariaDB database name, user and password created earlier.

Now finally, log in to your newly installed Owncloud 10 on Arch Linux.

install Owncloud 10 on Arch Linux

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