Fedora Tutorial

Welcome to Manjaro.site. This page is dedicated for Fedora users who wants to learn more about Fedora. We will post more about Fedora Tutorial, news, tips and trick. There are several sections in this page such as Fedora Server Administration, Fedora for Desktop and many more. We will start from Fedora 27 but it may contain Fedora 26 or previous version as well. 

Table of Content

Introduction to Fedora

Fedora is a Unix-Like OS which is based on the latest Linux Kernel and GNU program. We often call this as Linux distribution. Fedora is developed by a community called Fedora Project. Since Fedora 21, there are three different editions are available. The Fedora Workstation edition is specially designed for Desktop users, Fedora Server & Cloud Edition is built for server computer an the last one is Atomic. Atomic is a special edition for Cloud computing. (Wikipedia)

We have been testing Fedora for some times and mostly we post many Fedora Tutorial on this website. Fedora also available in many different Desktop Environment. You may choose from GNOME, MATE, Cinnamon and some others. If you are new to Fedora, don’t worry we are here to help you out. Please feel free to select the following topics based on your interest. We will keep updating this page in the future. 

Fedora Tutorial

You can find many tutorials for Fedora that is divided into two different category, Fedora for Desktop and Fedora for Server. 

Fedora for Desktop

You can find many Fedora Tutorial for Desktop or Workstation. All of the tutorial using easy to understand language which is good for everyone.

  • Fedora 27 Review and Screenshots. A short introduction to Fedora 27
  • Fedora 27 Installation Guide. This article will guide you through the Fedora 27 installation process from the beginning. Great for a new Linux users who wants to switch to Fedora 27.
  • Install Plank on Fedora 27 — Not working yet. Plank is a dock application that contains shortcuts to applications and settings. It will helps you to easily open applications from the desktop. (This tutorial is not working due to Plank does not support Wayland yet, we will update it)
  • Gnome Tweak Tool on Fedora 27 An installation guide to Gnome Tweak Tool, a must have application for most Linux users to unlock many advanced settings on GNOME
  • Install Google Chrome on Fedora.See how to install latest version of Google Chrome on Fedora 27. Working as well with Fedora 26 and Fedora 25 .
  • Best Themes for Fedora You Must Have. We have more than 10 GTK Themes that will make your Fedora looks more beautiful.
  • Install Opera on Fedora. A mini guide to guide you to install Opera web browser on Fedora 27
  • Install Atom on Fedora 27. A short tutorial to install Atom on Fedora 27 Workstation

Fedora for Server

This section you will find many tutorial for Fedora server edition. We will add more tutorials in the future. 

Virtualization in Fedora

If you want to use your Fedora for virtualization, the following articles might help to get started. We would recommend Docker on Fedora since Docker currently becomes so popular and rapid development.