How to install software in Fedora 26 Server

Fedora is a great Linux operating system for both Desktop and Server. On this tutorial, I am going to show you how to install software in Fedora 26 Server. If you are new to Fedora, installing software in Fedora could be tricky. The older Fedora version still use YUM (Yellowdog Update Manager). But starting Fedora 22 and newer, it uses DNF (Dandifled Yum).

1 option how to set up, remove or upgrade a great application or group of applications is to make use of the command line and DNF (Dandified Yum) in Fedora 22 or later on versions, or YUM (Yellowdog Update Manager) in Fedora 21 and earlier variations. This is often a much faster procedure than other interface, yet requires the user to make use of the command line. In the event that this feels uncomfortable, additional method may be a more familiar way to manage software.

How to install Software in Fedora 26

In a server environment where there is no GUI available, the only possible way to install software is via command line. DNF is a great tool that come along with Fedora 26. The syntax used to install software as follow

dnf install package-name

For example

dnf install mariadb

For more information about dnf usage command, you can open up the help menu

dnf --help

It will display complete command options that can be used with DNF command.

How to uninstall software on Fedora 26

In case you want to remove a package or software, you may also use the following syntax

dnf remove mariadb

That’s it. For more information about how to install software on Fedora 26, please visit the official documentation.

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