How to Create Ubuntu 20.04 USB Bootable on macOS Catalina

Hello everyone welcome to my website and today we are going to show you how to create a Ubuntu 20.04 bootable USB drive on a macOS Catalina. Actually, I am using a Hackintosh for this purpose because I do not have a real Mac. But it is ok since today Hackintosh was way easier than few years back.

So for this purpose, we will need a special software called Etcher. This is a well-known software to create bootable USB disk. It supports Windows, Linux as well as Mac.

Balena Etcher comes with a very simple and nice user interface. You will only need to provide the ISO file and a USB drive. In few moments, your Linux bootable USB drive should be ready.

If you are running Windows 10, you can follow my guide below to create USB bootable drive.

Steps to Create Ubuntu 20.04 USB bootable disk on macOS Catalina

Step 1. Download and install Balena Etcher

You can get the latest version of Balena Etcher for macOS using the link below.

Balena Etcher for Mac

Step 2. Download Ubuntu 20.04 ISO

Skip this step if you have downloaded the Ubuntu 20.04 ISO. If not, you get your own copy using the following link

Download Ubuntu 20.04 ISO

Step 3. Create the USB bootable disk

Now plug your USB pen drive to one of your USB ports on your Mac or Hackintosh PC. Then, open Balena Etcher software.

From the Balena Etcher main window, click Select image and pick the Ubuntu 20.04 ISO you have downloaded. Next, click Select target and point it to your USB pen drive. Finally, click Flash to start the process. Once completed, you can boot your computer using the USB pen drive and start using Ubuntu 20.04.

Creating Ubuntu 20.04 usb bootable drive is super easy with Balena Etcher. I hope you enjoy the article and see you on the next tutorials. Cheers.

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