How to enable SSH on Solus OS 2017.04

Solus OS Tutorial – Hello Solus users, today I am going to show you how to enable SSH service on Solus OS. I am using Solus OS version 2017.04 on this tutorial. By default, SSH is disabled on Solus OS. For some end users, you may not need to enable this SSH service. But, in case you want to connect to your Solus OS remotely via secure SSH, you can enable it.

Steps to enable SSH on Solus OS

Step 1. Install OpenSSH-Server package

First we need to install openssh-server package

sudo eopkg install openssh-server

Step 2. Start ssh service

Open Terminal and type the following command

sudo systemctl start sshd

Now check if ssh is up and running

sudo systemctl status sshd

Example output

enable SSH on Solus OS

Now we can optionally enable ssh service upon start up

sudo systemctl enable sshd



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