How to connect and control Windows remotely from Solus OS using Remmina

Hello Solus users, there are several ways to remotely control other computer from Solus OS. My favorite application is Remmina. With this tool, I can easily connect to my remote Windows server via RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol). Remmina is a simple remote desktop client that supports various protocols including RDP, SSH, SFTP and some others.

First, you will need to install Remmina

sudo eopkg install remmina

Now, run Remmina and we will configure the RDP connection.

Go to connection and click New. You will need the remote server IP address, user name and password. Don’t forget to change the Protocol to RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol). Give it a name for future use. Now we can connect to the remote server. Here we can also change the color depth and also resolution.

On the first attempt, you will see a certificate notification as follow. Accept it to continue.

Now we can connect to a remote Windows. I can even manage my Windows Server via Internet.

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