Elementary OS 5.1 – Should I Switch to it?

The new version of Elementary OS 5.1 code name Hera is here. There are so many interesting things have been added to this new release. You can read the official release announcement for more detailed information. On the first run after install, you will see a brand new, modern greeter login screen. It is so eye-catching and has a personal feel.

Elementary OS 5.1 login screen

I am running Elementary OS 5.1 on my VMware Workstation. It runs pretty smooth. It does not ship with VMware Tools installed. But, you can easily install the VMware Tools on Elementary OS 5.1 with this simple command

sudo apt install open-vm-tools open-vm-tools-desktop

That does the magic. Welcome to Elementary OS 5.1 Hera Desktop.

Slightly, there is not much different with previous Elementary OS 5.0 Juno. But technically, you will find many new features.

Here are some new features of Elementary OS 5.1

  1. Flatpak support
  2. Better AppCenter with better performance
  3. Improved System Settings
  4. Smoother desktop animation
  5. Read more

Should I switch to Elementary OS?

I like to test new Linux distribution for both server and desktop. Elementary OS is one of the most beautiful Linux desktop available out there. It is simple, easy to use and good for new Linux users. Personally, Elementary OS 5.1 is not my favorite. Many review websites that give good reviews upon this new Linux. But again, Hera is not good enough for me.

It is too simple. And this simplicity brings complex issues to me as I usually want to modify my Desktop. Gnome Tweak is my favorite tool to mock up my Linux desktop. It is available through the AppCenter but it does not work as it supposed to be. I was expecting the Elementary Tweaks to be included in this release but that is not happening.

The System Settings does not enough for someone like me.

Linux is powerful because of its flexibility. I used to install server applications on my Linux desktop. But I don’t think I will install MySQL Server, PostgreSQL Server on this distro. It is possible but maybe I will get more trouble than benefits.

Elementary OS 5.1 is great but just not for me. It could work for you but not for me. At least at this time. 🙂

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