Backup to FTP Server using Syncovery

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This tutorial is going to show you how to backup to FTP Server using Syncovery. As you know, Syncovery is a powerful backup tool that supports many backup destinations including FTP Server, Amazon S3 and many more. If you are planing to backup to Amazon S3, Syncovery can do pretty well. FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a well known file transfer method that has been used for years. If you are running Linux, you can easily turn your Linux server into a powerful FTP Server using vsftpd

Steps to backup to FTP Server using Syncovery

I assume you have Syncovery installed on your system. You may read how to install Syncovery on Debian if you are running Debian 8 or Debian 9. Before we go through, make sure you have the following information in hands

  • FTP Server domain or IP address
  • username
  • password

Now open Syncovery program. On the main window, select Perform a synchronization or backup now.

If this is the first time, we will be guided to create new backup profile. On the next window, specify the left hand side (your backup source) and the right hand side (backup destination). Click the blue globe button to enter the FTP server information.

Click Next to proceed. On the next window, we need to choose the sync direction and subfolders option. On this example, I want to backup the left hand side to the right hand side (FTP Server). 

Next, choose the sync mode. Since we are only want to backup, not sync, I use standard copying and disable the option detect if files have been moving. 

Choose the file type. We want to backup all the files without any filters. 

Scheduling. You can either use this feature or not. The scheduling feature will automatically perform the backup tasks in regular basis based on the time we set here.

Now give the backup profile name

At this point we have a new backup profile. You can save and run the backup process immediately or run later. When the backup is executed, you will see list of file that are going to be transferred. 

backup to ftp server using syncovery


Backup to FTP Server using Syncovery is very easy. It support backup scheduling that make it easier for us to manage the backup. We also love the sync mode (Standard copying, Smart tracking and Exact Mirror). 

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