Install Syncovery Cloud Backup GUI on Debian 9

Welcome to Today we are going to show you how to install Syncovery on Debian. Syncovery is a powerful cloud backup tool that supports many cloud storage. You can backup to Google Drive, Amazon S3, Mega Cloud, Box, OneDrive and many more. Today we will guide you to install Syncovery on Debian 9. Syncovery is working very well on Debian 8 and Debian 9. With this tool, we can easily backup to cloud storage from Linux machine. On this tutorial, I am using Debian 8 with Cinnamon Desktop Environment. We haven’t tested this on Debian server.

install syncovery on debian


You will need the following in hands before continuing

  • Debian 8 or Debian 9 
  • Latest Syncovery Package

Steps to install Syncovery on Debian 9

Please note that Syncovery also support Debian 8 and could be another version. We were testing it on Debian 8 and Debian 9 only. Please let us know if you have issues.

A. Download Syncovery Package for Debian

Download via this link if you are running Debian 32 bit and Debian 64 bit. Save it you your download directory.

B. Install the package

Now it’s time to install the package. It’s just like installing another DEB package. I prefer use the command line to install the package.

For 32 bit

sudo gdebi Syncovery_7.88a_i386.deb

For 64 bit

sudo gdebi Syncovery_7.88a_amd64.deb

Once completed, open a web browser and type:


Default username=default, password=pass

Now you can create or configure your backup. Please note that you can backup your files and folder to remote backup storage such as FTP Server, Google Drive, OneDrive, Amazon S3 and many more. Syncovery is a rich features cloud backup software for Windows, Linux and Mac. It comes with many features, easy to use. Please stay tuned to this website. We are going to write more about Cloud Backup Software in the future.

You can obtain 30 days free trial by visiting this official page. Please note that we do not provide Syncovery full version, serial number, keygen or crack. Please respect the developer’s hard work by buying their great software.

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