Univention Corporate Server 4.3 – A Complete Server Solution

Back to few years ago when I was working in an exploration company as a system administrator, I was looking for a perfect OS for our server. And we choose Univention Corporate Server. We run UCS for about 1 year before finally we switched to ClearOS until now. But after reading, testing the new Univention Corporate Server 4.3, I think I am going to switch again to UCS 4.3 replacing our ClearOS.

ucs 4.3 dashboard

There are many reasons why Univention Corporate Server 4.3 could become our next server OS. This new UCS version brings a lot of improvements, new features and security concern. But don’t get me wrong, the ClearOS also a great OS for your server as well.

Easy to Install and Configure

Forget about complex installation and system configuration. The Univention Corporate Server is easy to install and configure. The web based management console is really helpful and damn easy.

ucs installation.png

You can even run UCS on Virtualbox or VMWare Workstation. Or you can turn your old PC into a powerful server on your network. I was planning to install UCS on my Raspberry Pi but currently its not officially supported.

Rich Features

When we talk about features, Univention Corporate Server has it all. You can build your own Domain Controller or even you can connect and join UCS with your existing Windows Active Directory. That is one thing. There are still many features you can rely on. For example, you can easily build a wordpress site on top of Univention Server with few clicks. Forget about complex and frustrating WordPress installation and configuration.

wordpress on ucs.png

Simply open the UCS App Center and install WordPress from there. There are many additional apps you can install on your server. Some of them are not free but if you really need them, its worth the money.

ucs app center.png

Built in Amazon Web Services EC2 Manager

If you have EC2 cloud computing on Amazon, you can connect and manage your EC2 instances directly from UCS. With this tool, it will be more efficient to access and administering your EC2 instances.

Well, it won’t be enough to discuss Univention Corporate Server features in a single post. Maybe I will create another articles about UCS next time.

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