Things To Do After Installing Ubuntu 18.10

When this article is being written, Ubuntu 18.10 is still in Beta version. But, I thing that there will be no radical changes until the final release. Installing Ubuntu 18.10 is a lot faster than any previous versions. During installation, we can choose to install the full system with all default software or choose the minimal. If you choose minimal, you will only get some basic utilities and a web browser. It is a great feature since most of us do not need all of those software. Even if we need the software, we can easily load them up via Ubuntu Software Center.

If you are new to Ubuntu, I would recommend the following tasks after installing Ubuntu.

A. Install Update

During installation, you can choose to perform automatic update. But that would make the installation a bit longer. You can perform Ubuntu update after the installation finishes. Installing update is very important. So, the first thing you need to do is update your Ubuntu. You can either use Ubuntu update GUI software or use the following command

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

B. Install Gnome Tweaks

Gnome Tweaks is an essential tool you should have. With this tool, you can change and modify some system settings such as change GTK theme and icon theme, and some others. To install Gnome Tweaks, use this command

sudo apt install gnome-tweaks

C. Install Google Chrome

Ubuntu 18.10 comes with Mozilla Firefox as the default web browser. But for my personal purpose I always install Google Chrome for my daily web activity. I understand that you may disagree with this but it’s all your preference.

Install Google Chrome on Ubuntu 18.10

  • Download Google Chrome DEB package
  • Install the package by right-click on the DEB file and choose Open with Software Install
  • Click Install button to start the installation

D. Makeover Ubuntu 18.10

The Ubuntu 18.10 comes with Yaru theme and icon theme. It’s a great, beautiful theme. But, in case you need to make your Ubuntu 18.10 looks even prettier, I would recommend you to visit the Gnome-Look website to get many fresh GTK themes and icon theme. Also, you may visit wallhaven website to download some great wallpaper for Ubuntu 18.10. Since I love Mac OS X style on Ubuntu, I turned my Ubuntu 18.10 into a Mac OS X Mojave style.

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