The Best Video Editor for Windows 10 in 2020

Hello everyone, welcome to another software review. In this article, we are going to check out some of the best video editors for Windows 10. In the year 2020, there are many updates that you should check. Many software releases their software update to give a better experience to the users. So, here are some of the best Video Editor software for Beginners.

So, the list below is not sorted from the best to the worse. Each software has its own pros and cons. So, it is unfair if I pick one of the best only based on my own preferences. I mostly use Adobe Premiere Pro and sometimes I also use the Camtasia Studio 2019. These two are my favorite video editing software.

A. Camtasia Studio 2019

Camtasia Studio is a great video editing software. It is very easy to use even for a beginner. It has so many features that we can easily apply to our video.


  • Simple and nice user interface
  • Drag and drop support
  • Include some essential libraries (intros, lower thirds, music tracks, outros and motion backgrounds)
  • Bunch of transition collections
  • Cursor effects
  • Built-in voice narration. This feature lets us create narration while editing.
  • Many audio and visual effects to choose from
  • Built-in screen and video recorder
  • Caption
  • Direct share feature to YouTube, Vimeo, Google Drive, etc.
  • And many more

For me, Camtasia Studio is the best video editing software for beginners in 2020. It is so comfortable and easy to produce a nice video for my YouTube Channel and for my clients. It is not a free software but with all these features, I think it is worth it to get the Camtasia Studio full version for about $249. Before buying, you can always download the free trial version using the link below.

B. Wondershare Filmora 9

Wondershare Filmore is also a popular video editing software. It has many interesting features and a simple user interface. The new Wondershare Filmora 9 is now available from the official website.

Wondershare Filmora 9 full version allows us to create beautiful and stunning text with effects in a few simple clicks. It also comes with a set of transitions, effects, overlay, and some other elements.


  • Supports 4K editing
  • Built-in noise removal
  • Picture in Picture
  • Frame by frame view
  • Scene detection
  • Simple user interface
  • Easy to add audio or music to the project
  • Drag and drop support
  • Buil-in screen and video recorder

So basically, the features in Camtasia Studio and Wondershare Filmora are pretty much similar. But if I had to choose one, I will pick Camtasia Studio rather than Filmora. No offense, it’s just a personal preference.

C. Movavi Video Editor

Movavi Video Editor is another great video editing software that is good for beginners. You can quickly turn your video into a professional look at no time. The interface is very simple and you can add many elements to your video. The interface of Movavi Video Editor is pretty close to Wondershare Filmora.

This program is available for free. But, you can also choose the Movavi Video Editor Plus for more features at a very affordable price $49.


  • Cutting, trimming and joining video support
  • Bunch of effects and transitions are available
  • Automatic video creation
  • Extended media pack
  • 4K support

Personally, I haven’t tried this Movavi Video Editor Plus. I just try the free edition which is pretty good.

D. Cyberlink Power Director

Cyberlink Power Director is an old player in Video Editing Software. It also has so many things to offer. Speaking of the learning curve, this program is pretty easy to learn. It’s not as complex as Adobe Premiere Pro CC. So, maybe it is fair to call it a semi-pro video editing software. The Power Director is best for YouTubers, Vloggers, and Instagrammer.

The Power Director includes many features such as:

  • Add and edit customized object to the video
  • Impressive graphics and animated titles
  • Square video format for Instagram video
  • Multi-key sampling chroma key editing
  • Fully customizable video collage maker
  • Slow-motion effects
  • Correct fish-eye distortions
  • Stabilize shaky footage
  • Built-in capture from various devices
  • And many more

For Download and Purchase, please visit the following link:

E. Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2020

Adobe Premiere Pro could be the most popular among video editors, content creators. This video editing software is very powerful, expandable but requires a steep learning curve for beginners. It has a nice but pretty complex interface. But this doesn’t mean that learning Premiere Pro is so difficult. If you don’t have any idea where to start, you can take the online course in Udemy.

If you are looking for an advanced video editing software that you can rely on, Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2020 is the answer. It has all you need to create professional video products. Premiere Pro does not come with built-in screen capture like in Camtasia Studio or Filmora 9.

Main Features

  • Expandable. Add third party plugins, presets, etc.
  • Powerful with many manual controls
  • Supports complex sequences, effects
  • Support 4K video
  • And many more

Even the Premiere Pro promises better video editing experiences, this program requires a powerful PC to work smoothly.

Final Thought

So, which video editing software is your favorite? Leave the comment below and share your thoughts. Adobe Premiere Pro and Camtasia Studio are my favorite after all. Thank you for reading this article, hope you enjoy it and see you next time.

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