The Best PostgreSQL GUI Client for Linux

PostgreSQL is a free, powerful RDBMS database system available for Windows, Mac and Linux. Most database administrator know how to manage PostgreSQL using the command line. But for most end users, the command line is not the solution. We need a simple, easy to use GUI software to manage PostgreSQL. In this article, I am going to discuss the best PostgreSQL GUI Client for Linux. Some of the software below are free (of charge) and some of them are paid software.

List of The Best PostgreSQL GUI Client for Linux

A. PgAdmin

PgAdmin is a free software that you can use to manage your PostgreSQL Server. You can connect and manage both local and remote PostgreSQL Server with this software. With PgAdmin, you can create new databases, edit or delete database, create query, add or edit data.

If you are looking for a free PostgreSQL GUI client, PgAdmin could be your first option. It has almost all the features you need for a standard database administration. It also has a simple user interface which is pretty good for anyone. PgAdmin could be the best free PostgreSQL client GUI for Linux.


  • Complete features
  • Free
  • Easy to use


  • The user interface seems to be more complex

B. Postbird

Postbird is one of my favorite PostgreSQL management software for Linux. It comes with a simple, Mac style interface. With this GUI tool, you can connect to multiple PostgreSQL servers, manage your databases, users, table and so on. This program is written in JavaScript and runs with Electron.

Best PostgreSQL GUI Client for Linux

Postbird is a cross-platform software that runs on Linux, Windows as well as Mac OS X.


  • Nice and simple interface
  • Easy to install (available DEB and RPM installation file)
  • Multiple server supports
  • Free
  • Easy to install PostgreSQL extensions


  • Less features compared to PgAdmin
  • Limited export and import features

Install Postbird on Ubuntu

Download Postbird DEB package. And then install it using command:

sudo dpkg -i Postbird_0.8.2_amd64.deb

C. Navicat for PostgreSQL

Navicat is a well-known database client software. The Navicat for PostgreSQL is a powerful and easy to use GUI Client for PostgreSQL. It is not free but you may download the free trial version before deciding to buy the full version. If I have to switch to paid software, Navicat will be my first choice. It has Linux version which works pretty well. Read how to install Navicat Premium on Linux.


  • Nice user interface
  • Easy to use
  • Powerful with so many additional features
  • Multiple server connections
  • SQL editor, SQL builder


  • The Linux version seems to be left behind compared to Windows version

Install Navicat for PostgreSQL on Ubuntu

Download the installer from this link. Extract the file and then cd to the extracted directory and run this command

D. dBeaver

Ok, so there is another great PostgreSQL GUI client software which you may want to consider. It is available for free but there is also the commercial version available. dBeaver is a cross-platform software and it is available for Linux, Windows as well as Mac OS X.

It supports various databases such as MariaDB, Oracle, SQL Server and many more.

Best PostgreSQL GUI Client for Linux

Install dBeaver on Ubuntu

Download dBeaver DEB package from this page and save it to your download directory. To install the package, simply execute this command

sudo apt install ./dbeaver-ce_6.1.3_amd64.deb


  • Free
  • Supports many database servers
  • Rich features
  • Built-in SQL editor


  • Too complex for a beginner

Final Words

I do believe that there are still many software out there that work as well as these software. I will update this list in the future.

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