The Best Duplicate File Finder Software for Ubuntu

There are many duplicate file finder for Windows environment but if you are Linux user especially Ubuntu, your choice is a bit limited. It doesn’t mean that there is no good duplicate file finder for Ubuntu. In this article, you will find some good duplicate file finder software for Ubuntu. Well, some of them has a good interface while the rest are not so good. If you open the Ubuntu Software and type “duplicate” keyword, you will only see a few results.

I am pretty sure that there are more duplicate file finder software for Ubuntu available out there, which is not listed in the Ubuntu Software Center.

The Best Duplicate File Finder Software for Ubuntu

A. FSLint

FSlint is a simple, GUI software that works pretty well on Ubuntu 18.04 and Ubuntu 18.10. This program can do many tasks including duplicate file finder. We can add multiple directories to search at once.

This program works pretty well even it’s a bit slower. During the searching process, there is no progress bar. So, we don’t know if this program is still running or not.

To install FSlint on Ubuntu, simply use the following command

sudo apt install fslint

B. Speedy Duplicate Finder

Speedy Duplicati Finder is a great duplicate file finder software for Ubuntu. You can install it via Ubuntu Software Center. This program offers a better and faster way to scan and find duplicate files. It also brings a better user interface. You can install this program using Ubuntu Software Center.

The free version comes with a pretty basic features. You can get the Speedy Duplicate Finder full version for $15 which offers more features. We do love the speed of this program. It is very quick to find duplicate files. For more information, please visit the official website.

C. Shredder Duplicate Finder

The next software is Shredder Duplicate Finder, another cool duplicate finder for Linux. It comes with pretty simple interface.

We can add location to the list and then scan the folders. The scan result will be displayed in an interactive way.

So which software you would go for? In the future, I will update this post when I found another duplicate file finder software that works with Ubuntu. Thanks for reading.

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