Portainer, a graphical interface for Docker

Docker its a future virtualization software. By default, it does not come with a graphical user interface (GUI). But there are several UI for Docker out there. The one that I tried today is Portainer. Portainer is a Docker user interface via web browser. There are many features you can get on Portainer. Portainer is an easy way to manage your Docker containers.

Portainer Features:

  • Simple graphical user interface
  • Use web browser to manage your Docker
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use

Portainer Login screen

portainer installation 1.png

Portainer Dashboard

portainer dashboard

We can manage almost any Docker features from Portainer app. We can easily create new container, pull new images, push new images, manage the network and many other things. Its a great app to have. Next, I will show you how to install Portainer on several Operating Systems. Cheers

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