Docker Tutorial for Beginner – How to run docker

Actually, I cannot call this a tutorial. Its more like a self note for my self to get started with Docker. I am new to Docker and I think Docker has a promising future better than ordinary virtualization technology. I am using Ubuntu 16.04 to install Docker, you can read it here if you want to install Docker on Ubuntu.

Search Image from repository

On this example, I want to pull an image called “hello-world”. Before we pull an image, we can do a search task. The following example shown how to search any images that contains “hello-world”.

Pull a Docker Image

The following example showing how to pull a container called hello-world

Now check any available images on our system

Run a Docker container

Now we have an image called hello-world. Now we can run a container with that image.

Show any running container

Since there is no running container, the list is empty. We can try another command to show any container that we ran previously

Remove/Delete Containers

Use rm command to remove the containers. See the example below. The rm command is followed by the container id.

Enough for now. Will continue to the next post. Lets learn Docker.

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