Oracle APEX Tutorial – Create a New Application

Hello everyone, welcome to my Oracle APEX Tutorial for Beginners. Well I am a beginners and I love to write everything I learn. Recently, I am focus on Oracle stuff including Oracle APEX. On the previous tutorial, I have shown how to create a new free Workspace from It’s a good way to start learning Oracle APEX.

After you create a free Workspace, now login to your workspace at Enter your workspace name, user and password you created when requesting the workspace.

After login, you will see the following window where you can start creating a new application.

To create a new Application, click App Builder icon. In the next page, you will see list of applications you have. If this is your first application, your list is empty.

Click Create and then click New Application. Hit Next to continue to the next step. APEX provide a simple, easy to use wizard to create a new application.

Now let’s give our new application a name and some other details.

You will also need to specify the schema you created during Workspace creation. I would also recommend to add some other features pages such as about page, access control and some other pages. Click Create Application to start creating your first application.

As you can see there are several pages created for you. Click Run Application to see the application running.

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