Oracle APEX Tutorial – Start a New Workspace

Hello everyone, welcome to blog. Today we are going to discuss about Oracle APEX (Application Express). This guide is specially written for beginners. We will learn how to use Oracle APEX to build a nice and powerful application for various purposes. I hope I can write more about Oracle APEX in the future.

Oracle Application Express (APEX) application is an HTML interface that exists on top of database objects such as tables or procedures. You create both database applications and Websheet applications using the Create Application Wizard. Its available for free. You can download and install Oracle APEX on your own server/desktop computer at no charge. But in this article, we are going to utilize the free workspace from Oracle. So, you do not need to install anything on your computer.

Step 1. Obtaining a Workspace

As I mentioned above, we are going to use free Workspaces provided by Oracle. In order to build an APEX application, we need a workspace where we will put our files, design our application etc.

Go to Click Get Started For Free button on the website.

Next, click Request a Free Workspace.

Now its time to fill in some of your personal details such as name, email and workspace name.

Complete the wizard and you will get a confirmation email. Finish the process and then login to your workspace.

Congratulations, your new APEX workspace is ready. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy it. In the next tutorial, we are going to create our first APEX application. Stay tuned.

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