Manjaro 18.0 Gnome Comes with Microsoft Word Online as Default

When I write this article, the new Manjaro 18.0 is still in Beta version. Manjaro is an Arch based Linux distribution that has been use widely amongs Linux enthusiast. Manjaro is a lightweight and yet beautiful distro for Desktop. This Linux variant is available in various Desktop Environments. I am using the Gnome version to write this article. Manjaro is a rolling release distribution that let’s us to upgrade to the future releases very easy.

What’s new in Manjaro 18.0 Gnome

Manjaro 18.0 brings many updates and improvements. Here are some key features you will find in the new Manjaro.

  • Updated Calamares – Manjaro installer GUI
  • New Adapta Maia theme and Shell
  • Microsoft Online (Excel, Word, Outlook, One Note, Power Point)
  • Included Microsoft Skype
  • Many other technical things

Microsoft Office on Manjaro ?

There are some things that make me curious about this Manjaro. In this version, there are several Microsoft products included. For example, Microsoft Office online. This is the first Linux distribution I ever tried that has Microsoft Office online that replaces OpenOffice or LibreOffice. Well, for my point of view, this is a good thing. Microsoft Office online is still better than LibreOffice or OpenOffice, IMHO. 

microsoft office on manjaro 18.0

Manjaro 18.0 Gnome edition comes with Gnome Shell version 3.28.2. This new version of Gnome brings a good user experiences. Its pretty lightweight and beautiful. 

Another notable stuff is the default web browser. I was expecting Firefox is the default web browser on this release. But in fact, Epiphani 3.28.2 come in place. Well, Epiphany is a simple web browser which is pretty easy to use after some times.

The Desktop

The desktop is pretty cool, minimalist with the default Manjaro Wallpaper. The applications menu can be reached via the new Gnome dash or the traditional menu. 

manjaro 18.0 menu

The Package Manager

Manjaro 18.0 shipped with the new, updated Pamac, package manager. This new Pamac has better and simplified user interface. Managing software and packages now become even easier in Manjaro. 

pamac manjaro 18.0

There are many other things to explore in the new Manjaro. It is an interesting edition of Manjaro. I can’t wait for the final release. Thanks for reading, please share your experience when using Manjaro 18.0.

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