Proxmox 5.2 Installation Issues on Radeon Powered PC

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I was having Proxmox 5.2 Installation Issues on my existing PC. I have a PC with AMD processor and AMD Radeon VGA card. Previously I run Ubuntu 18.04 on that PC and it works pretty well. Today I want to try the new Proxmox 5.2 on my system. I created Proxmox USB installation media uproxmox 5.2 installation issuessing Etcher from my Windows 10 computer. But it seems it does not boot correctly. After few seconds boot, the monitor goes blank and nothing happened. 


I was thinking that my USB bootable drive is the problem. But it works when I test it on another system. So, I presume that my current hardware configuration is the main problem. I haven’t tried to use the onboard VGA card rather than my dedicated Radeon VGA card. 

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