Install Opera on Fedora 27

install opera on fedora 27

Hello everyone, welcome to my website. Today I am going to show you how to install Opera on Fedora 27. The current version of Opera 48 is now available for Fedora and other RPM based Linux distribution. Opera is a rich features, lightweight web browser. Its a good alternative to Google Chrome for Fedora. There are many new features in Opera 48.

install opera on fedora 27

Steps to install Opera on Fedora 27

Step 1. Download Opera RPM

Opera developer provide the RPM version which supports Fedora, CentOS and derivatives. You can download Opera RPM file using the link below.

Step 2. Install Opera

Use the following command to install the Opera RPM package.

sudo dnf install opera-stable_49.0.2725.39_amd64.rpm

Output Sample:

After that, you can start using Opera on your Fedora 27.

Thanks for reading this tutorial how to install Opera on Fedora 27. See you in the next tutorial and cheers.

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