Is Docker Containers Supports Hackintosh?

I have been using Docker for some times now. Most of the time, I run Docker containers on a Linux machine as well as Windows 10. As now I am running some Hackintosh machines, will this Docker still can be used in Hackintosh system? Well, on my previous article, I have shown you how to install and run Docker Desktop on macOS Catalina Hackintosh on a ThinkPad T450 laptop. Basically, it runs very well.

But I have never tried to install Docker on an AMD Hackintosh system. It may runs or may not run at all. I hope I can try it next time and post it in this blog.

Docker runs flawlessly on Intel Hackintosh system. So if you are planning to implement the Docker on an Intel Hackintosh, you can go for it without problems.


  1. I’ve tested Docker on my AMD Ryzen Hackintosh system but It didn’t run. Because Docker uses Apple Hypervisor (and Hyperkit) on macOS but Apple Hypervisor supports only Intel processors, doesn’t support AMD. The only way running Docker on Ryzentosh is using Docker on VM (absurd). So I’m looking a new Intel processor right now…

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