Install Team Viewer 12 on Manjaro 17.0

Team Viewer is a free remote desktop application that lets us control and manage remote computers via internet. Its the best available tools out there for remote desktop. Team Viewer supports Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android as well. Here I will show you how to install Team Viewer 12 on Manjaro 17.0.

Team Viewer for Manjaro is maintained under AUR repository. So, we need to enable AUR first before installing Team Viewer. To enable AUR, simply open Pamac software manager and go to Preferences | AUR. Enable the AUR from there.

aur on manjaro.png

Once AUR is enabled, we can now install Team Viewer. Simply type “team viewer” on the Pamac search box and you should see list of any matched packages. See my example below.

install team viewer on manjaro.png

Mark the teamviewer package and press Apply to start the installation. You will be asked to enter your root password during installation. The installation take some times and it requires internet connection to download some packages. Once finished, you can start using Team Viewer to manage your remote computers.


You will get a notification “TeamViewer daemon is not running”. You need to start the daemon via Terminal

teamviewer –daemon start

teamviewer 12 on manjaro.png

Thank you for reading this tutorial how to install team viewer on Manjaro 17.0. Please share this article if you think its useful for anyone. Cheers.

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