ChaletOS 16.04.2, Beautiful Linux Distribution for Desktop

This is one reason why I love Linux. There are unlimited possibilities to modify Linux to make it better, more usable and user friendly. ChaletOS is another Linux Distribution based on Ubuntu comes to impress us. With its custom Xfce desktop environment, ChaletOS is very easy to use, and also beautiful.

Chalet OS Login Screen

chaletos 16.04.2 login.png

ChaletOS Default Desktop

chaletos 16.04.2 desktop.png

Using ChaletOS for the first time feels like using Windows 7. The application menu is very similar to Windows 7.

chaletos 16.04.2 menu.png

If you are new to Linux, ChaletOS is for you.

chaletos screenshot 2.png

To change the system settings, you can go to Settings page and you will see many items you can configure here.

For more information and download link, please visit ChaletOS Official Website 

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