Perform Amazon S3 FTP Backup using CrossFTP

perform amazon s3 ftp backup

There are many free cloud backup software available on the net. Cloud backup becomes a popular way to store the backup for most personal or even enterprise users. Today, we have a short review about CrossFTP, another free cloud backup tool for Windows. CrossFTP is a free FTP client that support various server or storage. We can easily put our data from/to Amazon S3 using FTP protocol with this software. It supports Windows, Mac and also Linux as well. Here you will find out how to Amazon S3 FTP Backup using CrossFTP client on Windows machine. I hope next time I can post how to do the same on some Linux distributions.

What is CrossFTP

It’s a FTP client software that can be used to upload and download files to remote server using FTP protocol. CrossFTP comes with a simple and easy to use user interface. There free version and also paid version. The free one support Amazon S3, Amazon Glacier and Google Storage. The commercial version has more cloud storage supports. Please find the download link at the end of this post.

CrossFTP comes with an intuitive GUI interface that should be easy for everyone. We’ve been using this software to perform backup to our Amazon S3 storage. We also backup our data to Amazon Glacier with this amazing free Amazon Glacier client.


CrossFTP comes with the following features:

  • Multi tab for multi site connections
  • Password encryption
  • Archive support
  • Batch transfer
  • File preview with zoom feature
  • Sound and even notifier

Steps to perform Amazon S3 FTP Backup using CrossFTP

A. Download and install CrossFTP

Go to this download page and download the appropriate setup file from the list. Install the software as usual. Since we are using Windows OS, the installer will guide you through the installation pretty quick.

B. Create new Amazon S3 connection

Open CrossFTP and Navigate to File | Connect

  1. Select S3 from the protocol list
  2. Give a label for the connection
  3. Copy paste your Access key and Secret key
  4. Specify local path and remote path (optional)

Click Apply and then Connect. In few moments you should see your Amazon S3 buckets list on the main window as follow

C. Start Upload or Download

Now, you can start upload or backup your local files to Amazon S3 bucket using FTP protocol. Simply drag and drop files or folders from the left panel to the right panel.

Final Thoughts

CrossFTP is a nice, easy to use FTP Client for multiple server. It is not a traditional FTP client software. It supports Amazon S3, Glacier, Google Cloud and also Microsoft Azure. We’ve tested this software to perform Amazon S3 FTP backup from our Windows machine. It works fast and perfect.

Do not hesitate to share your thoughts on the comment below. We want to hear from you about this software. It’s worth the money.

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