How to install Stremio 4.0 on Ubuntu 17.10

Hello Ubuntu fans, welcome to our Ubuntu Tutorial. Today we are going to install Stremio on Ubuntu 17.10. Stremio is a smart way to watch online movies, TV shows and some other things. You can easily manage your content from many different sources and watch them on Stremio whenever you want. The new Stremio 4.0 is now available for download and we are going to install it on Ubuntu. Before we go through the installation steps, lets have a look at Stremio features first.

Stremio 4.0 Features

  • Nice and modern user interface
  • Easy to discover new contents
  • All of your video contents in one screen
  • Easy to organize your video library
  • Enjoy your video on a big screen
  • Supports various Operating System including Linux, Windows and Mac OS X

Steps to install Stremio On Ubuntu 17.10

The following are the steps to install Stremio on Ubuntu. We have tested this method on Ubuntu 17.10 and works pretty well.

  1. Download Stremio 4.0 AppImage package
  2. Run Stremio

Step 1. Download Stremio

Please use the link below to download the latest Stremio 4.0 AppImage package.

Step 2. Install and Run Stremio

First, we need to make the AppImage package executable. Use this command instead

chmod +x Stremio+4.0.0.appimage

Finally, run Stremio with this command


Done. Now you can start using Stremio to watch your favorite movies or TV shows.

install stremio on ubuntu 17.10

Final Thoughts

Stremio developer choose to distribute their software using AppImage format for Linux users. Well, this is a good way to do because the users don’t have to worry about missing dependencies anymore. It is very easy to run Stremio on almost any Linux distributions.


  1. Thanks for explaining. It works well I have an azerty keyboard and can’t find a way to configure it in Stremio. Any idea to fix that ?

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