Build a Free FTP Server on Fedora

Hello Linux users, welcome to Fedora Tutorial post. Today, we are going to show you how to build a free FTP Server on Fedora. We are using Fedora 27 as a base but you are free to use any other Fedora releases such as Fedora 25 and Fedora 26. There are various FTP Server software available for Linux but today we are going to use the free one. VSFTPD is the special package that will turn Fedora Server into a free FTP Server for your network. 

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Steps to Build a Free FTP Server on Fedora Server

Step 1. Install VSFTPD

vsftpd is a secure, fast FTP Server for Linux system. If you want to learn more about this package, please visit this official page. To install vsftpd on Fedora Server, use the following command

sudo dnf install vsftpd

At this point vsftpd is installed. We need to configure some things.

Step 2. Configure VSFTPD

Disable the anonymous access. Find the following line and change it to NO if you don’t want anonymous access to the FTP Server.


ASCII Upload and Download support. Find and uncomment these lines to enable ASCII support


Now configure the firewalld to allow FTP Server connections

firewall-cmd –add-service=ftp –permanent
firewall-cmd –reload

If SE Linux is enabled, you must execute this command as well to allow the ftp server

setsebool -P ftpd_full_access on

Step 3. Start vsftpd

Now we can start the vsftpd service

sudo systemctl start vsftpd
sudo systemctl enable vsftpd

Step 4. Test the connection

Now use another computer to connect to our Fedora FTP Server. You can use any FTP client such as Filezilla FTP Client.

Build a Free FTP Server on Fedora

Type the IP address of the FTP Server, username and password. You should be able to connect to the FTP Server without problems. 

Thanks for reading this how to build a free ftp server on Fedora Server. See you on the next tutorial.

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