Install Skype on Ubuntu 20.10 Groovy Gorilla

Skype is one of the most successful VoIP software. Even now fewer people are using it, I think it still relevant to show you how to install Skype on Ubuntu 20.10. If you are a Skype user, you can follow these steps below to get Skype up and running on Ubuntu 20.10.

Skype runs very well on my Ubuntu 20.10. I can do a voice call, chat and video call without problems.

Steps to Install Skype on Ubuntu 20.10

Step 1. Download Skype for Ubuntu

First, let’s download Skype installation media for Ubuntu. Its in DEB format which is super easy to install. Get the latest Skype DEB file using the link below.

Save the file to the Downloads directory.

Step 2. Install Skype

To install Skype, simply right-click the DEB file and then choose Open with Software Install.

Click Install and the installation should be starting. When finished, you can start using Skype.

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