How to install Opera on Linux Mint 18.2

Opera is a free, rich features and lightweight web browser. Its available for almost any OS and devices including Linux. This tutorial is going to show you how to install Opera on Linux Mint 18.2 Sonya. The Opera developer provide DEB installation file for Ubuntu/Debian based Linux distribution. When this post is written, Opera version 46.0 is available.

Why choosing Opera ?

  • Lightweight
  • Rich features
  • Free VPN included
  • Easy to install on Linux
  • Supports extension
  • Compatible with Firefox or Google Chrome bookmarks

Opera 46.0 Screenshots on Linux Mint 18.2

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Steps to install Opera on Linux Mint 18.2

Step 1. Download Opera DEB

Please use the link below to download the installation file. Save it to your download directory.

Opera 46.0 DEB Download

Step 2. Install the file

Simply right click the DEB file and select Open With GDebi Package Installer to start installing Opera.

If you want, you can enable auto update

Now enjoy Opera on Linux Mint 18.2

install opera on linux mint 18.2

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