How to Monitor Hardware Temperature on Ubuntu 22.10

Hardware temperature is an important thing that we should monitor. CPU overheating is something that you don’t want to happen to your computer. If you are running Windows, there are many graphical software that we can choose from. But if you are using Ubuntu Linux, there are limited numbers of software that can monitor the hardware temperature. Especially in graphical mode. Below, you can find a simple way to monitor your hardware temperature in graphical mode on Ubuntu 22.10.

The software that we are going to install here is Psensor. Psensor is a free, graphical interface hardware monitoring software for Linux.

This program can monitor the CPU temperature, fan speed, SPU usage, free memory as well as hard disk temperature. We can also enable graphs for each sensor. Also, we can choose colors for each sensor.

How to Install psensor on Ubuntu 22.10

We have tested psensor to work on Ubuntu 22.10. So if you want to install it on your system, you may follow the guide below.

Open Terminal and then install lm-sensors.

sudo apt update
sudo apt install lm-sensors psensor

And then, we need to detect available sensors with this command

sudo sensors-detect

You can run this program by executing the command below


For more information and source code for psensor, please visit the official page below.

psensor (

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