How to install TimeShift on Linux Mint 19

linux mint 19

Timeshift is a powerful backup software on Linux. You can create system image of your current computer state. So, in case something went wrong in the future, you can easily restore your entire system easily. This tutorial is going to guide you how to install Timeshift on Linux Mint 19. As you might notice, the new Linux Mint 19 comes with a pretty standard backup tool. The default backup tool on Linux Mint is not capable to create a system snapshot like Timeshit does.

Steps to Install Timeshift on Linux Mint 19

Install Timeshift on Linux Mint 19 is pretty easy. Please follow these steps.

Open Terminal and type this command to add the Timeshift PPA

sudo apt-add-repository -y ppa:teejee2008/ppa

Now lets update the repository index

sudo apt update

finally, use this command to install Timeshift

sudo apt install timeshift

Done. Go to Menu | Administration | Timeshift.

install timeshift on linux mint 19

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