How to install Spotify on Manjaro 17.0.2

Manjaro Tutorial – Today we will learn how to install Spotify on Manjaro 17.0.2. Spotify is a must have application for you. Its a great cloud music player that provide a modern way to enjoy music everyday at affordable price. I know there are many other alternatives out there but for me Spotify its still the best (IMHO).

Spotify works well on my Manjaro 17.0.2. I have no problem installing Spotify on Manjaro 17.0.2 and the sound also great. We can easily create playlist, or channel

install spotify on manjaro

Steps to install Spotify on Manjaro 17.0.2

Step 1. Enable AUR in Manjaro

Spotify is available on AUR repository. So first we need to enable AUR on Manjaro 17.0.2.

Step 2. Install Spotify

Use Pamac Software Manager and search for Spotify. Click AUR to see the Spotify package. Mark it and install.

How to install Spotify on Manjaro 17.0.2

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