The Best Free Linux Distro for File Server

On this post I will give a short review of The Best Free Linux File Server for Enterprise. With Linux, it is possible to build a powerful server at no cost aka Free. Linux is a powerful Operating System for Server. It can be modified for various server function such as File Server, Web Server, Database Server and many more. A Linux file server is normally called a terminal server and it is very helpful for serving data files and applications to computers that are attached to the Linux terminal server.

Generally, in a enterprise environment, certain individual computers will need to gain access to the same applications, data files, and the Internet. If an office has one hundred computers, a file server creates a network of such 100 computer systems and users do not have to depend on every individual computer to have their own application data files and data files. Most files and applications can be stashed on the Linux Terminal File server.

The Best Free Linux File Server for Enterprise

A. Univention Corporate Server

Univention Corporate Server (UCS) is a Debian based Linux distribution which is modified and optimized for Enterprise sysstem. UCS is an Enterprise server working and management system with Active Directory functions and App Center for a wide variety of Enterprise applications. It is definitely easy-to-use, cost-efficient and popular like a complement or alternate to Microsoft’s server solutions.

Univention Corporate Server (UCS) is an low-cost and easy way to manage machine applications and entire THIS infrastructures. Why? UCS is definitely based on Open Source infrastructure, it can become implemented with little hard work and is also suitable for the functioning of distributed, heterogeneous and virtualized IT infrastructures, regardless of whether you use Microsoft Windows, OS-X or Linux systems.

Linux file server for enterprise

Univention Corporate Server utilize a nice web GUI to manage the server. It can be installed on most recent Server hardware.

B. ClearOS 

ClearOS is a CentOS based Linux distribution optimized for Server. Not only File Server, ClearOS can be used for many purposes such as web server, database server, gateway, proxy server and many more. ClearOS was  released in 2009, and previously called as ClarkConnect, a router and gateway distribution. Now, it transformed into ClearOS, who has added almost all the features necessary to define it as a great all-in-one server. ClearOS provides more than only a piece of operating system. You can purchase a ClearBox 100 or ClearBox 300 hardware from the official website.

With all the features in ClearOS, makes this distribution is ready for small office and even for enterprise.

C. Debian

Debian is an old Linux distribution and has been used widely by millions of users out there. Debian is great on both Desktop and Server. It is very stable and supported by huge community. Debian 9 Stretch is the latest version when this post is written. It supports the most recent server hardware.

Debian is not a rolling release like Arch Linux, but it can be upgraded to next secure release, using its software manager. Debian is not a “piece of cake”, but has a complete document procedure, user manual and community support. Usually, there is no need to reboot or switch into single-user mode during update process.

There are many other Linux distributions that are ready for Server. For example: Nethserver, OpenMediaVault, CentOS, Fedora. Maybe next time I will post more about those distributions.

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