FreeNAS 11.3 – A Perfect Home Server

The new FreeNAS 11.3 is available. It’s been up for a while actually but I just got time to install and review it here. FreeNAS is a powerful, rich features server operating system for your home and office. There are so many things you can do with this OS. You can easily build a powerful home file server, FTP server, virtualization host and so on.

FreeNAS 11.3 comes with a modern web interface which makes it easier to manage. Even for a new user, FreeNAS offers a simple way to administer the server, add more disks, etc. FreeNAS can be installed on a virtual machine or a dedicated server. For production, you should go for a dedicated server but for testing, you may try to install it on a VMware Workstation or Virtualbox.

FreeNAS 11.3 Login page
FreeNAS 11.3 dashboard

Once login, you will see the FreeNAS dashboard, a general overview of your server. In this page, you can find the system information, CPU load, memory usage, disk/pool usage, as well as the network overview.

Another great feature that I was looking for is the virtual machine manager. With this feature, we can easily create new virtual machines inside the FreeNAS system.

Apart from that, there are 15 default services you can use on your network.

Download FreeNAS 11.3 ISO

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