ExTiX 18.0 – Nice Linux Distribution based on Deepin 15.5

I always impressed with every Deepin releases. The latest Deepin 15.5 also very interesting to try. Deepin is the most beautiful Linux distribution ever made. Well you may disagree with this statement but you should try Deepin 15.5. But today we are going to give a short review of the new Linux distribution based on Deepin 15.5. Extix 18.0, a nice Linux distribution which comes with the power and beauty of Deepin 15.5. ExtiX comes with Live DVD version. You can try it without having to install. Extix only includes minimal packages compared to it’s original Deepin version. But, it is very easy to add more packages or software later.

ExTiX is not as popular as Ubuntu or Fedora but this is not a baby distro. This Linux distribution has been exist for years now and today we are testing this distribution on our system. If you want to download ExTix 18.0 ISO, you can navigate to the following link and download it from there. It’s free.

extix 18.0
ExTiX 18.0 Desktop

But we highly recommend to install it (i.e on a virtualbox or VMware) to try its features. It comes with Refracta installer which allows us to install this distro to hard drive.  But we prefer the native Deepin installer than Refracta. The Refracta tool is not an ordinary installer. You can create your own version of ExTiX in few simple steps. 


ExTix comes with a beautiful desktop, and feels like using Deepin 15.5 with less features. The fact that it can be installed on Virtualbox or VMWare is a good news. The original Deepin 15.5 runs very slow on virtual environment and does not support Live Mode by default. 


We try to install ExTiX 18.0 on VMware using Refracta tool. We don’t think that the installer is suitable for a newbie. The partitioning step is a bit difficult for newbie. Also, it took very long time until the installation complete. 

ExTix 18.0 Review Summary

  • Easy to use Desktop
  • Nice and beautiful by default
  • The installation rather difficult for newbie
  • Installation process takes long time
  • Works well on Virtualbox or VMWare Workstation

Well after waiting for more than 1 hour, finally the installation completed. This is the longest Linux installation I ever had and it’s really annoying. I still don’t know why the developer uses this kind of installation method to replace Deepin installer. From an end user perspective ExTiX 18.0 installer is very uncomfortable. But we always respect the efforts of the developers to bring better and more powerful features to the users.

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