Install Docker Community Edition on Ubuntu 16.04

Hello everyone, today I am going to show you how to install Docker Community Edition on Ubuntu 16.04 server. This is the Docker official way to get the latest version of Docker. Its pretty simple to install this Docker CE. We have been tested this tutorial on Ubuntu 16.04.2 server edition.

install docker community edition on ubuntu 16.04

Steps to install Docker Community Edition on Ubuntu 16.04

Step 1. Setup the repository

First, we need to install some packages and setup the official Docker repository on Ubuntu 16.04. Connect to Ubuntu 16.04 via SSH and copy paste the following command. I recommend to use copy and paste to avoid misspelling on the commands.

Install required packages

Add the GPG key

Add the repository

Update Ubuntu

Step 2. Install Docker


Step 3. Verify the installation

Now we need to check if Docker CE is correctly installed.

Check Docker Daemon status

Now try to run Hello World using Docker command as follow:


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