Antergos 17.9 Screenshots Tour

The new version of Antergos 17.9 is now available for download. Antergos is a powerful and beautiful Linux desktop based on Arch Linux. This new version brings a lot of updates and improvements. The new Antergos 17.9 comes with GNOME desktop as the default desktop environment. But, as usual you may choose which desktop to use during installation. Currently I am running Antergos 17.9 via Live USB which can be easily created.

Antergos 17.9 is powered by Linux Kernel 4.12.8 and Gnome version 3.24.3. It works pretty fast and smooth even from Live USB. The animation are working well and its very easy and fun to use.

antergos 17.9

It comes with very minimal set of software installed by default. But, don’t worry because we can easily add more software using Pamac 5.1.0, a graphical interface for software management on Antergos.

Why you should try Antergos 17.9

If you are new to Linux, Antergos is a good way to start. There are many reasons that you won’t get any difficulties when using Antergos. You may consider some of the following Antergos features:

  • Rolling Release distribution – Never worry about upgrading to the new releases
  • Simple and lightweight
  • Based on rock solid Arch Linux
  • Choose from many desktop environments : GNOME, MATE, Cinnamon, XFCE and many more.
  • Beautiful and open to customization
  • Free forever
  • Easy to install

Software Management

Cnchi installer is updated to version 0.14

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