How to install Linux Kernel 4.12 on OpenSUSE

Hello everyone, today I will show you how to install Linux Kernel 4.12 on OpenSUSE. As you know, the new Linux Kernel 4.12 is now available for download. Installing Linux Kernel on OpenSUSE is pretty easy. Simply follow these steps below.

install linux kernel 4.12 on opensuse

Install Linux Kernel 4.12 on OpenSUSE

Step 1. Check current Kernel version

Example output
As you can see, the current Kernel version installed is version 3.16.7-29. Now we need to make OpenSUSE support multiple Kernel.

Step 2. Add multiple Kernel support

Edit zypp.conf

Now find the following lines and modify them as shown below

Step 3. Add OpenSUSE Head Repository

Now add OpenSUSE Head repository

Sample Output

Answer by typing “a” without quotes and the installation will begin. Once completed, re-check the new Kernel using command

You should now see new Kernel 4.12 installed on your system. For example:

Thank you for reading this post.

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