How to create new FileSystem on OpenMediaVault 3.0

OpenMediaVault is a great NAS system available for free. This tutorial will show you how to add new hard disk and create new file system on OpenMediaVault 3.0. After we create new file system on our new hard disk, we can then use the hard disk to store data, create new shared folder and so on.

Add new hard disk and Create new filesystem

If you are running OpenMediaVault as a virtual machine, simply add/attach new hard disk to the virtual machine and then reboot. Next log in to OpenMediaVault web interface. Go to Storage | Physical Disks. Make sure your new hard disks are listed there.

add new hard disk to openmediavault

Once the new disks are listed, go to Filesystems and then click Create to start create new file system on the disk.

Select your disk from the Device and give it a label. Also choose the filesystem from the list. On this example, I use EXT4. Click OK to start create filesystem.

Once you created new filesystem, you will see your new hard disk on the filesystem section as follow.

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