Yesware Email Tracking Software for Google Chrome

Yesware Email Tracking is an interesting piece of service that provide Gmail users to maximize their Gmail service. With this tool, we can track our sent email and find out when the email read by the recipient. This is very useful especially for sales people who need to ensure and monitor their emails sent to customers. But even if you are not a sales person, you still can use the benefit of this tool. 

Yesware Email Tracking is distributed as Google Chrome extension. Simply login with your Gmail account and use Google Chrome. Then, you will need to download and install the extension. 

After you install the extension, you will see the Yesware bar on your Gmail. We can enable tracking on any email we want to track. So basically, we can enable or disable tracking in our emails. 

You can try the Yesware Email Tracking full version for 14 days. You may try all features withing 14 days window. After that, you will need to register or purchase their services. 

yesware email tracking


Yesware Email Tracking is a good software for anyone who need to track their emails. It is very simple to install and to use it. There are many email templates you can use in your emails, schedule email and calendar. It’s a great and recommended software. Try it yourself.

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