This OS Catalina Icon Theme is Super Good

It’s been a while not writing on this blog. I am very excited to share this new icon theme that will make your Linux looks much better. If you like Mac OS X theme for your Linux, you will love this OS Catalina icon. You will find many high resolution and quality icons. OS Catalina is a fork of Mojave CT icon which is also popular among Linux users.

Previously, I choose Mojave CT icon theme for my customization. But after OS Catalina icon is here, maybe I will switch to it.

This icon theme blend very well with the Mojave GTK3 theme.

How to Install OS Catalina icon theme on Ubuntu

I am using Ubuntu 19.04 but this icon theme supports other Linux distribution especially with Gnome desktop.

First, go to the Catalina download page and save it to your download directory. There are two variants available. You should get a file called: Os-Catalina-icons.tar.gz

Next, extract the file. You can use this command below or simply right click on the file and choose Extract Here.

tar -xvf Os-Catalina-icons.tar.gz

It will produces a new folder: Os-Catalina-icons

Now let’s move this folder to /usr/share/icons

sudo mv Os-Catalina-icons /usr/share/icons

Now, open Gnome Tweaks and apply this new icon.


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