Step by step install Debian 9.0 NetInstall version

The new version of Debian 9.0 Stretch has been released. Debian is a well known, and powerful Linux distribution for Server and desktop. This tutorial will show you how to install Debian 9.0 on a server or virtual machine. There are several version of Debian 9.0, but here I will use the Debian 9.0 NetInstall to start with. Debian NetInstall comes with a minimal downloadable ISO file but it requires internet connection to complete the installation.

Steps to install Debian 9.0 NetInstall

Step 1. Download Debian 9.0 NetInstall ISO

You may download Debian 9.0 ISO NetInstall from this link.

Step 2. Boot Debian using the provided ISO

On the first boot screen, select Graphical Install if you wish to install using GUI mode or select Install to enter the text mode installation wizard.

install debian 9.0 1.png

Step 2. Select Installation Language

install debian 9.0 select language.png

step 3. Select your location

install debian 9.0 select location.png

Step 4. Select locale

install debian 9.0 select locale.png

Step 5. Select keyboard layout

install debian 9.0 select keyboard layout.png

Next, the installer will detect the ISO and prepare for the installation steps.

Step 6. Set the hostname

install debian 9.0 set the hostname

Step 7. Set the root password

install debian 9.0 set the root password.png

Step 8. Create new user

Step 9. Configure Clock

install debian 9.0 configure clock.png

Step 10. Configure Disk and partitions

Step 11. Installing base system

install debian 9.0 install base system.png

Step 12. Configure package manager

Step 13. Select packages

This step took some times depends on your internet speed. Please be patient.

install debian 9.0 select packages.png

install debian 9.0 software selection.png

Now we were asked to install some additional software. In this step, we can install desktop environment. We may choose GNOME, Xfce, KDE, Cinnamon, MATE, LXDE or Debian desktop environment. Since I want to use this as a server, I don’t need any desktop environment. I will only need SSH Server application on my Debian 9.0 installation.

Step 14. Install GRUB

install debian 9.0 install grub.png

Select the hard disk where we want to install GRUB.

install debian 9.0 install grub 2.png

Once the installation is completed, reboot your system

debian 9 installation completed.png

Thank you for reading this tutorial how to install Debian 9.0 Stretch Minimal installation. Please share this knowledge so everyone can take benefit from it.


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