5 Reasons Why You Should Love Solus OS 3

Solus OS is another Linux Distribution that is not based on any other existing Linux. It’s not based on Debian, Ubuntu or Fedora. Solus OS is a great Linux distribution for Desktop users which is simple, lightweight and easy to use. The default Desktop Environment on Solus OS is Budgie, another fork of Gnome DE. It’s also available Solus OS with MATE and GNOME desktop. But for me, the Budgie edition is great. I can run the latest Solus OS 3 on my old Compaq laptop without problems.

Probably you have your own favorite distribution already. But these 5 reasons may change your minds.

5 Reasons Why You Should Love Solus OS 3

A. Secure and Stable

Just like other Linux native. Solus OS also comes with a secure and stable system. I have tested this distribution for various tasks and overall I pretty much satisfied with the result.

B. Great Software Manager

Ubuntu and other Linux distro has their own Software Manager. But in Solus, you will find the fact that the software manager a lot better than other.

C. It’s Natively Beautiful

You don’t have to tweak Solus OS to get better looking. Solus OS 3 is natively built for beauty. But it also open for further customization.

solus os 3

D. Lightweight

Do not compare Solus OS 3 with Ubuntu 17.10 in term of lightweight or not. I can run Solus OS smoothly on my 10 years old laptop. It still feels very lightweight. But Ubuntu seems too heavy for my laptop.

E. Easy to use

Budgie is a great desktop environment. It’s not only nice looking but also very easy to use. The traditional application menu is very comfortable and responsive.

Final Thoughts

I am not trying to be controversial by comparing Solus OS 3 and other Linux Distribution. I just very interested with this Linux distribution. If you disagree with me, please leave your comments.

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