PhoenixOS 2.0.6 Screenshots Tour

I was impressed with the new version of PhoenixOS 2.0.6. Its a lightweight, and complete operating system for my laptop. PhoenixOS is an Android OS modified to run on PC that really works. This OS is technically well crafted for end user. PhoenixOS 2.0.6 features Android 7.1 Nougat as the base. It boots pretty quick and its very easy to use, intuitive and also support touch screen.

PhoenixOS 2.0.6
Phoenix OS 2.0.6 Desktop

Phoenix OS can run from a USB drive using Live Mode. You don’t have to install it to try.

PhoenixOS 2.0.6
Phoenix OS Taskbar and Notification area

Even it runs from a USB flash disk, the system runs pretty smooth, no lag and it seems fine so far. The mouse button assignment is also great. Right click also works and if you want to select text, simply press left button a bit longer.

PhoenixOS 2.0.6
Phoenix OS File Manager

The Settings page also complete, very easy to modify some settings

PhoenixOS 2.0.6
Phoenix OS 2.0.6 Settings

There are several applications installed by default such as WPS Office, Stardust web browser, built in Music Player and also Movie Player. Phoenix OS 2.0.6 includes Google Play Store by default, we can easily access and install more applications from the Play Store.

PhoenixOS 2.0.6
Google Play Store on Phoenix OS 2.0.6

It was a great experience using PhoenixOS 2.0.6 on my laptop. My mouse and keyboard respond very well, and the OS itself is pretty stable. During my test, I have never found it crashed, not even once. I really want to try installand play some games with this. Maybe next time I can play more with it.

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